Orthopaedics diagnosis and solutions

Bothwell Medical Rooms orthopaedic solutions is a unique, fully integrated medical, sports medicine and injury rehabilitation service.

Our combination of experienced physiotherapists, doctors, surgeons and access to state-of-the-art rehabilitation facilities allow us to diagnose the cause of your problem and agree a treatment plan in a convenient appointment.

Orthopaedics diagnosis and solutions

What is it?

Painful joints, muscles and bones can have many causes including injury, overuse or wear and tear, and making the right diagnosis is the key to getting the right treatment.

Bothwell Medical Rooms orthopaedic solutions provides a diverse knowledge pool of clinical professionals all aiming to identify and manage your injury early and provide the most beneficial package of care to ensure you return to activity and leisure pursuits as early as possible.

Why Orthopaedic Solutions?

We believe that we are unique in Lanarkshire in offering a fully integrated orthopaedic, sports medicine and injury rehabilitation service on your doorstep.  We know that you are busy, and time is valuable, and so we aim to provide a ‘one stop’ clinic where we will work together to diagnose the cause of your problem and plan your treatment.  Nowhere else will you find this combination of specialists and access to state-of-the-art facilities.

What do I get?

  • An initial consultation and examination with a consultant physiotherapist or orthopaedic consultant/specialist (30 – 45 minutes)
  • A diagnostic ultrasound scan (if required*)

What treatment options might be recommended?

Following your initial Orthopaedic Solutions assessment, we might recommend further treatment.  This might include:

  • Surgery
    – Arthroscopic (keyhole)
    – Open (joint replacement)
  • Sports medicine treatment
    – Exercise prescription
    – Injections, including steroids or viscosupplementjoint lubricant
    – Shock-wave treatment
    – Health promotion
    – DEXA scans
    – PRP/regenerative medicine injections
  • Physiotherapy
    – Full body assessment to identify predisposing factors
    – Range of treatment techniques and modalities
    – Pre +Post operative rehabilitation
    – Rehabilitation training and reconditioning
    – Individualised exercise programmes
    – Tecartherapy Treatments

Pre-visit checklist

If you have a medical insurance, you will need to contact your insurer to confirm whether you are covered for your consultation and whether you will need a GP referral. Your insurance company will provide you with an authorisation code, which you will be required to provide at the time of registration at the clinic, along with your policy or membership number.

If you have had previous scans or X-rays related to your condition, please bring these along with bring any other reports and copies of letters from your GP or specialists.