Immediate Access to a Range of Ultrasound Services. Self-Referral Available

Private Ultrasound Scans

We provide fast access to Ultrasound services across Glasgow and Lanarkshire. Ultrasound scans use sound waves to take images of organs, tissue, or blood flow inside of your body to help doctors diagnose or monitor medical conditions.

An ultrasound probe, a small handheld device that emits high-frequency sound waves, is used to perform this type of scan. It can detect problems in your body's internal organs such as your liver, kidneys, and abdomen, and is used to find out the causes of pain, swelling, and infection.

A private Ultrasound scan from Bothwell Medical Rooms is a quick, non-invasive, and safe procedure. You can choose your appointment and book online. There is no need for a GP referral, and reports are available within 24 hours.

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Alongside our comprehensive range of services, we also offer rapid access to scanning, some are carried out on-site, such as diagnostic ultrasound scans.  Available on-site are Pelvic scan, abdominal scan, well woman scan, testes scan, kidney scan, sports injury (MSK) scanning, and many more.....
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Quick access to our in-house and partner physiotherapy network across the Lanarkshire and Glasgow area. Delivering specialist injury and rehabilitation services and treatments.
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Our fully integrated orthopaedic and pain consultants, sports medicine and rehabilitation service, based in Lanarkshire.  Convenient access to specialists in joint pain and complex injuries.

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Pain Injection

At Bothwell Medical Rooms we offer fast access to private appointments with specialist pain medicine consultants for all aspects of chronic pain management, including medications, non-medications, injections and advice on holistic approaches.
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MSK Conditions


Care tailored to you

When you see a specialist at Bothwell Medical Rooms,
you know you will be seen by the very best in private healthcare. Our highly experienced experts work in
sub-specialised teams across all elements of musculoskeletal, radiology,
orthopaedic, pain and sports medicine.

Bothwell Medical Rooms experts will listen to you carefully,
considering your injury, condition and previous medical history
and if you need further investigation, you’ll be referred to our
partner Imaging Centres close to where you live.

Once you have a diagnosis, your consultant will design a
step-by-step treatment and recovery plan that is individual to you.

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    Our Values

    We are built on a set of values that sit at the heart of everything we do, for our people and our patients. We believe that to be able to provide the very highest standard of value-based healthcare, we need to enable excellence across our centres, for our people, our consultants, and our patients. This is achieved through our core values;

    Centrally Located In Lanarkshire
    Stronger Together
    Patient Led Care Programmes
    Outcome Driven, Person Centred


    We are passionate about what we do.

    Striving for the best possible care and outcomes for our patients.  Valuing every colleague’s contribution.  We are driven to push the boundaries of medicine to provide better care in a place convenient to our community.

    stronger together

    Stronger together

    Our ethos is fair, sincere, and transparent.

    Building relationships is key to us. We are consistent and transparent with the care we provide, our business practices, communications, and policies.

    Whether it is building relationships with each other, our patients, our partners or our investors, we believe that these trusted connections lead to excellent service and care provision, better teamwork, growth and success.


    Our aim is to make everything easier and simpler for our patients in the complicated world of medicine.

    When treated at Bothwell Medical Rooms, you will receive personalised care throughout your time with us.

    Whether attending for a private ultrasound scan, pain injection or recover after surgery, our team is here to help and reassure you.

    Our promise to our patients

    We are driven by an unwavering commitment; our dedication to our patients is absolute.  Striving for the best possible care and outcomes, and we build relationships that last.

    We are committed to clinical advancement; our ambitions are bold, and we have the talent to reach them. Driven to push the boundaries of medicine to provide better care in our community.

    We always act with resolute integrity, our ethos is fair, sincere, and transparent.  Always doing what’s right for our patients and customers.

    We believe in simplicity; our aim is to make things easier for you. In the complicated world of medicine, we are real people who really care about healthcare in the community.

    Private Ultrasound Scan

    Private ultrasound scans are ultrasounds scheduled with healthcare providers outside the NHS network. Sometimes the backlog for ultrasounds can be pretty lengthy.

    Waiting too long for an ultrasound might result in late diagnostics. It can also lead to increased anxiety for many patients.

    Getting a private ultrasound ensures you can get your results faster. You’ll also have more flexibility to schedule the private ultrasound around your schedule.

    Another benefit of private ultrasounds is that you don’t need a referral from your GP. You can make the appointment yourself. You can also get same-day results in many locations.

    Scheduling a private ultrasound scan ensures you get your results as quickly as possible. You can avoid the lengthy wait times you might encounter with the NHS. Get the information you and your healthcare provider need to move forward.

    Have you been searching for an “ultrasound scan near me” without any luck finding a reputable provider? Contact Bothwell Medical Rooms or Core Clinic today to schedule a private ultrasound scan in Lanarkshire.


    Same-Day Appointment & Report

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